...these are a few of my favorite links

Friends, Community Areas....Help

Night Train Magazine

Word Riot

Wilderness House Literary Review

Scrawl Writers Asylum


Grub Street, Boston

Publishers Weekly

Samira's Homemade-delicious,Lebanese and Egyptian dips

Writers Room of Boston

Out of the Blue Art Gallery

Dead Squirrel Dance Band

Call of the Green Monster

Better Off Dead (VD King)

Porter Square Books

Thieves Jargon

Ibbetson Street Press

Haley Booksellers

Stolen Dress

Andrea Libertini

Fried Chicken and Coffee


Tom Perrotta

Ned Vizzini

Erol Lincoln Uys

Steve Almond

John L. Sheppard

Andrew K. Stone

Jamie Lin

Martin Gallanter

Joseph Hurka

David Barringer

James Musgrave

Edward J. Carvalho

Justin Crouse

Rusty Barnes

Mignon Ariel King

William Walsh

Erin O'Brien

Cheap Things for Writers on a budget

ADD ME (lists your site with search engines for FREE)

BRAVENET (offers free guestbook, message boards, mailing lists)

GO DADDY (inexpensive web hosting, domain names, services)

ZONE EDIT (for all your web fowarding needs)