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(after Fathers and Daughters (Spoiler Alert))

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January 2021 SOS: Surviving Suicide: a collection of poetry that may save a life

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“How Lucia Joyce Was Treated”
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March 11, 2019 Anti-Heroin Chic

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"Quintessential Awkward Male Moment"
November 17, 2012,Fuck Poems, Print

November 16, 2012,Spoonful

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November 5, 2012,Gutter Eloquence

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"Love Affair"
October 24, 2012,Zig Zag Folios, Print

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October 21, 2012,Lummox Magazine, Print

"What is Missing"
"your luscious lips"
July 18, 2012 Thunder Sandwich

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May 21, 2012 Bagels with the Bards 7

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April 26, 2012 Poiesis 5

"When It is Still Winter"
April 11, 2012 The Somerville News

"reply to someone who said, u owe me a poem, boy "
April 10, 2012 Extract(s)

"reply to the grumpy cashier at the fast food restaurant"
"Exclamation for a Separation which happened long Ago"
April 4, 2012 Fried Chicken and Coffee

"All The Days And Nights "
March 13, 2012 Red Fez

“My Girlfriend’s car is officially dead”
“reply to someone who said there’s a lot of not-happy going around”
“This IS Bitchin’”
“Wait-You Can’t Hide It.”
March 2, 2012, Dead Mule School of Southern Literature

"After Smoking Dope""
"Sam Jesus in the Tub"
“Why We Listen to the Universe”
"To Care About Life"
February 26, 2012, Hip Poetry 2012

"often they fall from the sky"
"Salmon Fishing in Alaska "
November 15, 2011 Dead Mule School of Southern Literature

"Back In Boston"
"Her Car is Officially Dead"
November 2, 2011U.M.Ph.!

" In A Jam"
October 5, 2011 Truck

" Seasonal Affective Disorder"
June 12, 2011 Durable Goods 2009-2010 Anthology

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April 28, 2011 Referential Magazine

" When you live by yourself"
April 24, 2011 Muddy River Poetry Review, Spring 2011

"I take my date and her Kid to the Zoo"
"A Circus Memory"
"All That We Ate"
"A Fifth of Scotch"
"Like Moths in the Night"
(print anthology, click link to purchase)
March 15, 2011 Curbside Splendor, Volume 1

" When it is Still Winter"
January 28, 2011 riverbabble 18

"the girl this weekend"
"An Angry Mel Gibson Gets a Dog"
January 15, 2011 Howls and Pushycats

" The rain is like the Things You Couldn't Stop"
January 2, 2011 Wilderness House Literary Review

"The Enabler"
"starting a poem with "sometimes" is really weak"
January 1, 2011 Gutter Eloquence

"Lovemaking Advice From A Serial Grape Eater"
"An 18 Year Old Searches For Her Soul"
November 20, 2010 Polarity

"The Next Better Place"
November 1, 2010, Ibbetson 28

"Goodbye You"
October 7, 2010, The Long Islander Newspaper

"Unwelcome Guest"
"We Are Not Talking"
"at eleven-fifty-nine"
"About Alison"
August 20, 2010 The Legendary

"A Girl in A Loft"
July 22, 2010, Bagels with the Bards Anthology 5

" Like The Moths in the Night"
July 13, 2010, Curbside Splendor

" Recipe for a Great Poem"
July 2, 2010, Gutter Eloquence

" Ode to Woodworm"
June 30, 2010, riverbabble 17

" Full fledged neurosis uncovered in my dreams
"Failed Marriage Camping Trip"
June 9, 2010, The Somerville News

"Comfort Food Menu from the Emotional Café" (written with Elizabeth Rawlins)
May 27, 2010, McSweeney's

"County Fair"
"Second Hands"
"Old Man in this Bar"
"Conversation about Mike"
May 28, 2010 Lit Up Magazine

"Hungover for Jury Duty"
May 14, 2010, Spoonful Journal

"Funeral With No Music"
April 28, 2010, Night Train 10.1

"these days I worry"
"Elementary Physics"
March 28, 2010 Screw Iowa

"Boston to Providence"
March 1, 2010, Gutter Eloquence

"Seasonal Affective Disorder"
February 27, 2010, Durable Goods #13

"April Ends"
"Here's to your new life and Those Who Didn't Know You"
January 7, 2010 Istanbul Literary Review

"From the Weekend "
December 1, 2009, decomP

"Hungover for Jury Duty" (audio)
"My Dear in Headlights" (audio)
November 16, 2009, Shape of A Box, Issue 58 (video journal)

"poem for the ex-ex-girlfriend of the OD victim "
October 23, 2009, Night Train 9.2

"Sending Out a Note" (scroll to botton)
"Throwing the Book at You"
September 23, 2009, The Somerville News

"Everything's Connected"
"Many Different Postions"
September 1, 2009, Grey Sparrow Journal

"While She Works On Her Marriage, I Get Drunk"
September 1, 2009, Gutter Eloquence

"the same time each day"
August 10, 2009, Poesis 3

"Getting Sea Sick, Deep Sea Fishing"
August 1, 2009, Web Weekly Digest

"From One Alcoholic to Another"
June 1, 2009, Bagels with the Bards Anthology 4

"Please Use Some, but not all the following Cliques"
May 22, 2009, Ibbetson 25

"These Other Days (for Trysh)"
May 18, 2009, Eden Water Press II Print Anthology: Journey

"how easy is a spring weekend"
May 9, 2009, Naturally Green Blog

"Brown Nose Works The Job"
May 3, 2009, Web Digest Weekly

"Black Heart Candy Company"
"College Job, 1984"
April, 2009, Zygote in my Coffee

"The Things I'd Say"
"On Being a Pallbearer"
"After the Cookout"
April 23, 2009, Cantaraville 6

"I Heart NY"
April 4, 2009, Web Digest Weekly

"the last word"
"The Things I'd Say"
March 25, 2009, Writing Hole Pod Cast (Gager poems starts at 15:00)

March 1, 2009, Web Digest Weekly

"149.99 per week"
February 7, 2009, Web Digest Weekly

"Mid-Life Diner"
February 3, 2009, Crit Poetry Journal

"Perspective of Time Going By"
January 12, 2009, Poiesis II

"Four Days before Thanksgiving, Boston to Colorado"
January 3, 2009, Scapegoat Review

"Even if There Isn't Any Rain"
"Before Dawn"
December 2008, Poetic Diversity

"a kiss is only a single moment in time"
December 8, 2008 Web Digest Weekly

"But we never discussed the Benefit Package"
"The Inn at Castle Hill"
December 4, 2008, Lit Up Magazine

"A Walk After Dinner on a Cool August Evening, Somerville, MA "
December 3, 2008, decomP

"Sitting Drunk on a Cooler in my Backyard",
November 20, 2008 Spare Change News

"Village Smokehouse"
"Between Two Points"
August 29, 2008, Fox Chase Review, Autumn-Winter 2008 Issue

"A Turtle in the Center of the Road"
August 10, 2008, Web Digest Weekly

July 22, 2008, Blue Print Review

"Time Served"
July 14, 2008, "Nibble #1"

"my god, we are so small"
July 12, 2008, Blood Orange Review

"Night in New York City"
"An Ocean Town"
June 30, 2008, Adagio Verse Quarterly

"My Uncle Coming Back from Vietnam with a Stump"
June 7, 2008, Delmarva Review

"Harvard Square"
"March 7"
"your laugh"
June 4, 2008 Spare Change News

"her silence"
May 13, 2008, Ibbetson Street 23

"Scituate Shoreline"
April 24, 2008, The Long-Islander Newspaper

"Reply to someone who said my poems were all sad"
April 2008, The Binnacle Fourth Annual Ultra-Short Edition 2007

"Swimming Lessons"
April 17, 2008, Thieves Jargon

"Sweet Cold Chicago"
April, 2008, Bagels with the Bards Anthology III

"In Bed..."
"For You to no one"
"Hit the road Now, Jack"
April-May 2008, 63 Channels

"out with the cool kids"
"when things go bad"
April 6, 2008, Lit Up Magazine

"Opening Day"
"Once per year"
April 1, 2008, Hobart Literary Journal

"Wants (you and him)"
"welcome to a fair"
April 2008, Boston Poetry Journal, "Bad Ass" Edition

"A Six Year Old in Motion"
March 24, 2008, The Somerville News, Lyrical Somerville

"A New Life"
December, 2007 The Mad Poets Review

"Scotch and Polish"
October 11, 2007, Poor Mojo's Almanac

"where i have been"
October 11, 2007, Spoonful Journal

"Howdy from Ohio"
October 1, 2007, Orange Room Review

"Stuck, in my old school ways"
September 3, 2007, Denver Syntax

"Your Personal Ground Zero (for Franz Wright)"
"Moving Boxes"
"Really Nice on Drugs"
Autumn 07,GUD (Greatest Uncommon Denominator)-Issue 01, Print

"Wedding Reception"
May 29, 2007, right hand pointing

May 26, 2007, Night Train Magazine

"Disowned by most of The Family"
May 11, 2007, Barnstorm

"city poem"
May 10, 2007, Ibbetson Street 21

"Cynical Moon Poems"
April 12, 2007, Blue Print Review

March, 2007, Bagels with the Bards Anthology II

"Flip Side"
"Untitled Weekend"
March 10, 2007, right hand pointing

"The Boy From Last Summer (seen on the Jimmy Fund Cancer Telethon)"
January, 2007, Edifice Wrecked

"Rabbit Maranville"
December 27, 2006, The Somerville News, Lyrical Somerville

"Serial Monogamy"
December 15, 2006, 63 Channels 2007 Calendar

"Old Man in this Bar"
November 4, 2006, Story Garden 7

"Hearing Voices"
"--------( )"
"She is as beautiful as..."
Sept-Oct 2006,63 Channels Fall-Winter Print Issue

"Drinks at five to ten PM"
September 25, 2006, The Somerville News, Lyrical Somerville

"Deep Puddle"
Sept-Oct 2006, 63 Channels

"1975 Bellmore, New York, Middle of a Heatwave"
July 2006,Spare Change News

"Lifting Waits"
"Dirt, Grass, Sand and Sea, Oceans of You and the Air that I Breathe"
April 2006,

"Eulogy (for Eddie)"
Autumn 2005, Whispers of Inspiration a poetry anthology edited by Steven Manchester

March 2005, Erato Poetry Magazine , poetry from the Park Slope Poetry Project

November 2004, High Horse Magazine II

September 2004, Spare Change News

Impetus Magazine

"Frozen Again"
"Hearing it Through the Woods"
June 2004, Skyline Magazine II

"Monday Morning, My Memories Create Art"
May 2004, Generation X National Journal

"Don't Try"
May 2004, Third Lung Review

"scheduled to see you at 6:43..."
April 2004, Lumox Press, Dufus Magazine

April 2004, Generation X National Journal

"Whiskey Poet"
March 2004, Typewritter Voodoo Magazine (a part of Warm Angel Whiskey)

March 2004, Poesy Magazine XXIV

"For the music of Anna backed by Craig Dryer's Blues"
"We Needed a Night Out"
"Lifting Waits"
"My photograph, My scotch"
March 2004, Poetry Life and Times

"Last Call"
"scheduled to see you at 6:43..."
"Candles Want"
March 2004, Kookamonga Square

"The same corner of the Bar"
October 2003, Poetry-For-All mini-booklet series

"A Do Dah Day"
"Where Were You When the Towers Fell?"
August 2003, The Somerville News, Lyrical Somerville

"Letting Grass define the Season"
June 2003, National Public Radio, Here and Now Program

June 2002, Ibbetson Street 13


October 1, 2021, The Epiphanies Project: Twenty Personal Revelations
"Going From Important To What Was Really Important"

June 2, 2020, WorkIt Health
"Being Of Service in the Age of Corona"

September 8, 2016, The Fix
"How 12 Steps Worked to Produce a Vegan"

November 10, 2015, The Sobriety Collective
"Timothy Gager's Story"

November 17, 2014, Big Table Publishing, Featured Authors
"My Analysis of Television and How It Influenced, "The Thursday Appointments of Bill Sloan"

September 22, 2014, Mass Poetry Website
"Going Wherever Time and Writing Takes Me"

September 18, 2013, The Somerville Times: Lyrical Somerville
"A Seven Year Old Takes a Drink"

February 9, 2011, The Somerville News: Lyrical Somerville
"Dire Series Memories"

January 31, 2011, Drinking Diaries
"My Personal Catelog of Dating Drinkers and Non-Drinkers"

June 9, 2010, Screw Iowa
"The Truth in Fiction and why you always hurt the ones you love "

February 4, 2010, Food Shenanigans!
"Wait, who's in the Super Bowl again?"


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In Appreciation: An Obituary for author Larry Brown

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Interview with Steve Almond

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Czars of the Massachusetts Poetry Scene

May 2004, The Boston Girl Guide
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Interview with Akrobatik

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