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Marc Campbell
by Michael Estabrook

”I had another dream about my wife and another man.” (Even after 30 years of marriage to this beautiful, wonderful woman, I am still insecure, fearful she will stumble upon a real man who likes football and golf, collecting tools and hanging around Home Depot.) ”It wasn’t as bad as some of the other dreams where she was kissing other guys, but it woke me up and kept me up for a long while.” Mike continues chewing his sandwich wondering why I’m such an idiot. ”We were in some hotel lobby and she came out of this phone booth, sort of burst out of this phone booth, smiling very broadly, her face flushed. She looked at me and said, ’Marc Campbell really likes me!’ then scurried off down the hall.” Mike says, ”Man, you really are insecure, but at least nothing graphic happened, I mean it could’ve been worse.” Yes indeed, it could have been worse. In one dream I had she was making out with some guy in a car, pressed up against him, rubbing him. In another dream she was sitting next to some guy in a sauna, red-faced and wrapped only in a towel, his hand . . . Yes it could be worse, it can always be worse. Later Mike sent me an email clearing up some confusion I had about a stupid powersaw he was buying, something as a ”man” I should already know. He ends his email by stating, ”No wonder your wife likes Mark Campbell.” Ha, really funny. I write back, ”It’s Marc Campbell damn you!”

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