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Why Hell is Hot
by Mary Buchinger Bodwell

It's the end of July, people are throwing things.
According to the Cambridge Police report:

A woman was yelled at while driving down Mass. Ave
and the yelling person threw gum at her car.

A man was hit with a can of hairspray
by "someone he knew." (No further details.)

A woman threw a can of tuna (shall we assume
unopened?) at her brother.

A man was hit over the head with an umbrella at 3:30
in the afternoon. Have we had any rain this month?

Keep reading. It gets worse, lewd behavior,
shoplifting, burglarizing materials.

One man broke into his ex-wife's apartment, slashed
the couch, broke her TV and sole her diamond ring.

July turn August. Crank up the heat.
Put them all in one room, with tuna, gum,
hairspray, and umbrellas, and viola!
a circle not even Dante had envisioned.

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