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SGF Seeks Same
by Margo Solod

I: am shorter than most people think, and older
   than I feel except on rainy winter mornings.

You: are not the compliant, tractable wife you used to be.

I: can spot the glint of sand–scoured beach glass even on a cloudy day,
   make Pad Thai, Chicken Mole, a mean meatloaf.

You: tell time without clocks, find your way through the mazes of Boston, Seattle
      D.C. without maps.

I: watch my dog with an ache that glistens ever brighter as her eyes dim.

You: guard your children with the rage of one abandoned young.

I: cannot see the hand of god in my neighbor's kitten dead beside the road.

You: can't forget your brother raped you, over and over, but
        you almost can forgive him.

I must be able to say 'look at the sky", and you
must see sailing ships in clouds,
want my arms around you there,
at that precise moment.

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